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Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) now serves the elderly in the Big Apple and is based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn! The Cincinnati chapter is supporting grassroots efforts in New York as this new expansion site grows. 

Our expansion site launched in November 2016 with our first holiday event. Our visiting volunteers delivered 20 Thanksgiving care packages then, including a meal, flowers and handwritten cards, to 20 homebound elderly New Yorkers.

Five years later, thanks to the support and generosity of 300 volunteers, donors, and community partners, we have made over 4,000 in-person visits and 5,000 friendly phone calls to our elder friends in need of social connections. We have also provided referrals and resources to over 200 elders and caregivers in need of additional support and advocacy.


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Relieving elder isolation

We now run 4 friendly visiting programs that give people of good will opportunities to build meaningful friendships with isolated elders in NYC. With our Friendship and Flowers, Phone Companionship, Birthday Visiting, and 1-1 Friendly Visiting programs, we are showing our elder friends they are remembered, listened to, and cared for.


During the Holidays, we deliver homemade Thanksgiving meals the day of Thanksgiving to our homebound elders. We also mail handwritten greeting cards to every elder friend we have called and visited throughout the year.

To inquire about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, please email:



Your compassion makes a difference

We are a private charity and receive no public funds. Our ability to run programs and forge connections with isolated elders comes from the generosity of individual donors, monthly donors, corporate gifts and in-kind donations that express their commitment to our mission.

If you would like to donate to the NYC site, click on the DONATE link below and choose "New York Expansion Site" from the drop down menu under "Direct my donation to." Donations will be sent to the Cincinnati chapter, then re-disbursed to the NYC site.



Become involved in our circle of care

Growing old can be a tough and lonely battle, and it shall not be fought alone! Thanks to a caring team of volunteers and supporters, we look forward to expanding our presence in NYC, building friendships that last a lifetime. If you wish to join hands with us in that mission of combating elder isolation, please contact:

Jérôme Michaux

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
NYC Expansion Site

Tel 718.395.5722  



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